Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My fellow New Yorkers. S2524 the "Health Reproductive Act" is moving through the NY lesislature. Please contact your legislator and the gov, and strongly oppose this bill. It will basically say that all abortions including partial birth abortions like the ones in Philly are protected by state law. It also undermines conscience laws in place for doctors and other health providers. And it will remove the stipulation that a licenced doctor has to preform the killing of a child by allowing any health "practitioner" the ability (that means to get payment, and that is what it is all about) to kill your child "prior to viability". It will say that it is discriminatory to favor child birth over abortion. So say good bye to Inner city pre natal heath care and any support to "teen pregnancy" birth alternatives. We need to stop this bill NOW so contact Gov Cuomo ( an alleged catholic) and your local representative now.


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