Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was born today, in 1964, at that time who would ever had thought of facebook, twitter, Ipad, Ipod, Gmail / email / Wii / XBOX 360 / podcasts / blogs or any of the miriade of "time saving" things that are around us every day.

I tell you that being part of this technical revolution has bees a sobering And inspiring time. Who would have thought that I would have a blog or that I would have 7 great tech savvy kids that do not help me with my "bloggings". Not that I need them, I have tried to keep up with most of the big leaps in the tech world, mostly thanks to my listening to podcasts, The other major benifit has been my increase in my Catholic faith by listening to so many great catholic podcasts, they helped me stay sane & faithFULL at my last job. Now I find myself short on listening time and I need to increase it, I plug my player into my car but there are not alot of 20 minute pod casts. I recently took 6 days to listen to a 54 minute podcast from Catholic Answers on my commute.

Don't worry I will figure this out and I will always be there for those that matter to me the most.

Peace and mercy to all that read this and,

Jesus I trust in you.