Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the world

In my last rambling post I was describing a small part of our autistic life. We have further embraced our advocate life by my joining our local ASA's group planning our fundraising walk. It has been a huge deal to me and my family for me to start to "advocate" more for the family and the community. I am not sure where this will lead me but as a little trip to our local Six Flags for a graduation celebration for our now 7 th grader we are on the right path. We of course hit the water park with the"little" guys, all 3 were super excited even with the drizzle coming down. Well Peter our big "little"guy found that he loves, loves, loves water slides. and he spent at least an hour sliding. We then moved to the new "Wiggles" area of the park very bright, very loud Wiggles music playing, over and over and over. All 3 went on a number of the rides with Mom & Dad as well as alone. Very BIG steps for these guys. As aside note we have a very small amusement park in our area also and we used to love taking the boys there, then a switch went in Peter''s & Jacob's head, "no parade" was the mantra we would hear, it was difficult since our oldest actually worked there and if Peter was with us for drop off or pick up a full fledged melt down would begin in the car. NOT FUN!!!!! Back to Six Flags, our oldest needed to leave for work so I was going to stay with the other older three so they could hit some more rides, and Lynn and I were discussing this as we walked to the other new "little" kids area, "Looney Tunes World". In this new area they have a nice small roller coaster, train ride, car ride and other small rides for the medium to big tots. Well thanks to Sponge Bob, Peter wanted to ride a roller coaster, as did Nate our youngest twin. Well we got Peter buckled in and Nate as well, I sat in the car with Nate and pulled the bar back to secure myself and I could not get it past my knees. Big disappointment! I swapped out with Lynn and off they went.To say tears were welling up in my eyes as I watched them go around a realization popped into my head as I watched my 2 autistic kids that went on the ride act as non autistic kids, the beautiful smiles of fear that you get on a good coaster was evident. The ride went around 3 times and as it hit the last turn the operator announced "this is the last time around" and Nate said to Lynn" thank goodness". Needless to say Peter went on that ride 3 more times. Lynn and the oldest had left to make the ride to work and I told Lynn to leave all the other kids with me, they were having too much fun. We made our way around the park, going on nice long train & swan boat rides and we made our way up to "Frontier Town" where they have 2 coasters and a nice little game area. The "Steaming Demon" was closed but the "Canyon Blaster" roller coaster was open so the big kids & Peter went on that one, fortunately the lines were short because Peter was hooked! He went on it at least 4 times and each time he got off he wanted to go again, and again and again!!! Well the park closed and needless to say we will be going back and we will be heading for the "Comet" one of the top rated coasters in the world....... I can't wait.