Monday, May 18, 2009

Tough day at the Table of the Rock

This weekend we had a Jr prom which our oldest son attended with his GIRLFRIEND!!! So I did not get enough sleep, but that is a normal occurrence for me. I finally was ready to put head to pillow a little after 4 am, after brushing crumbled potato chips off of my side of the bed (thanks Jacob) I fell asleep saying my prayers. Morning came a little too quick but my wonderful wife let me snooze till 9:45 am and I dragged my butt down stairs, kissed who ever was awake at the time and started to get ready for 11 am Mass. As it was I probably cut it too close I arrived at church, and started looking for a parking spot..... 1.5 times around the block finally a parking spot! I swung in, locked the car and hurried the 1/2 block to the entrance. Looking abut it seemed to me that boy there were ALLOT of Catholics at church today.... I got inside and looked for a missalet... none left except for the LARGE PRINT EDITION, which I took and actually felt good. Boy the church was packed this AM, I found a seat in the last row just at the entrance hymn was finishing and I scanned the bulletin.... week 2 of First Communion. This explained the numbers. Now I actually love the First Communion Mass, it is in my top ten Masses. Father and Deacon Tom were processing through the congregation sprinkling the masses with Baptismal water while we were singing the Gloria. About half way through the Gloria it hit me... I should be sitting up front with family & friends as Peter was about to receive his First Communion! Just then Deacon Tom got me with a good broadside of Baptismal water, I blessed myself and then the water works started to leak. I praised God and thanked him for all He has blessed me with, good friends, a Great family, and a multitude of opportunities. I got control of myself and opened to the first reading, the psalm, the second reading, and the Gospel. I was going to be able to do this and hold it together. Father gave a very good Homily, addressing the First Communion class. All was going real well until Father started asking what the kids ate for breakfast, cereal, toast, eggs, popcorn?? oops they meant Poptarts, oatmeal, ( doing good Mark, you CAN do this) then one of the kids said Donuts ( which is what Peter likes for breakfast) and s Emeril say BAM, the water started to flow again, slowly through the creed, and I lost it at the beginning of the offertory. I waited for the ushers to go up for the collection and I ducked out. Tears flowing I made it to the car, I sat there for a minute or two so I could see where I was driving and drove home. I got home to Wow that was a fast Mass and I told Lynn that I could not hold it together due to the fact that Peter was not receiving his First Communion and she understood. Now I know that he will eventually receive First Communion but it still hurt, and we will also have this to face with Jacob & Nathaniel. I would at this time like to offer my congradulations to my brother and his wife and family on their son's reception of First Communion this weekend!

Going to bed soon, need to do some laundry.